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Welcome to Adelaide Hills Poker!

I'm for hire!
Mobile Adelaide Professional Poker Dealer/Tournament director with 8 years experiance.

Hi, I'm James Clifton, host, dealer and tournament director from the 'Adelaide Hills Poker' show.

Things have certainly been 'interesting' over the last year. One thing that suprised me was that people wanted me to come and deal for them at private parties, and I really enjoyed it so now I'm happy to offer my services to help others have a great poker night.
Whether it's for a party, a work function, a charity night, a fund raiser or even just a few mates for a good time - the reason doesn't matter! Whether you would just like me to deal or run the whole tournament I'm here to help.
I have got everything we need for a game of poker for up to 100 people and I'm happy to travel anywhere in South Australia; Tables, cards, chips e.t.c You just need to provide the chairs and the space!

Friendly or serious, you tell me how strictly to enforce the rules.
I can deal/manage any skill levels, from beginners to pros. I've taught a lot of players over my time so I'm happy to teach people who have never played before.
Can have multiple tables where people deal for themselves and then I take over dealing on the final table.

Did you want your final table filmed and put on youtube? After producing 9 episodes I would love to turn your poker night into it's own episode. I can even put it on community TV!!

Will allow you to set any rules you want - have house rules that you like to use? I have no problems with that (and I've seen some doozy house rules in my time!)
We can play any version of poker that you want; including Texas, Omaha, Seven Card Stud and more! Even HORSE (which is actually 5 games rolled into one).
If you want it can be free entry or make a fee for your players to use as prize money.

Fine print-
Tournaments usually run from 3 to 3.5 hours; there will be a time limit of 4 hours.
$100 + $10/person; minimum of 8 players ($100 must be paid in advance; rest due on the night). $50/hour for each hour over 4.
If you want your show to be recorded and edited for a youtube video it will be an extra $550 per 23 minutes of footage (note that the $550 + $100 deposit for the night MUST be paid in advance, $10/player will still be due on the night). Please note that this needs to be booked in advance as the I have to organise the camera crew for this.
If you want your show shown on community TV station C44 then please contact me as this isn't cheap!! Price includes tranport either the Adelaide metropolitan or Adelaide Hills region; if you are outside these areas then there will be an extra set-up cost.

Any questions or queries please contact me at

Opening sequence for the television show, season 1.

Never played before and wish to learn (or simply need a refesher)?
Check out the following page and then join us.
PS - If you turn up at 7pm I can teach you for free.

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